Doing what’s right

follow your heart

Do what is right for you and by you.

Every day spent making unhealthy decisions and every moment that is love-impoverished will build on frustration and dissatisfaction.

When we keep our heart’s voices loud and strong, our personal truths do not get lost.

When we listen to every one else’s voice but our own, our every thought becomes tainted by that disowned, muddled truth and our hearts grow increasingly heavier. What used to be easy and clear soon becomes difficult to know.  We grow more unsure, more fearful and rigid.  This can go on indefinitely.  Nothing we do in this state can bring us a sense of well-being because we are not well when we are out of touch with what is important to us. At some point, each of us has to decide that it is not ok to live with this lack of clarity, this immense burden and feeling of dissatisfaction.   What you know to be true for you, without data, proof, or rationale is your sacred truth. Choose to listen to it carefully and know that nothing comes to you that you are not able to handle.

We can look to loved ones to create a supportive, loving space for us but no one, not a single person owes us recognition, love, joy or anything else for that matter.  Others are in our life’s peripheral only to mirror things back, to offer a reflection that is different from our own that may cause us to pause and adjust our choices.  There are a million possibilities, an infinite number of ways to do things but none will be better for you than your own way.  Go back to what you know is right for you.

Keep your head up and keep your heart strong knowing that even in this very moment, you have all that you need.  Truly.  All the necessary resources to change your  life are in very close range and you can choose to be a receptive conduit.  We all hold courage and strength, some have it in plain sight while others have it hidden away quietly awaiting to be summoned.  A warrior proves himself when needed.

You could do the job the hard way and wait, and wait, and wait-or you could take advantage of what’s there and make the changes that will open your heart and your world wide open.  Let every step you take lead you that much closer to who you want to be.  ♥


The darndest things -chicken pox

one smart little chick

(Noa, when speaking about the importance of getting vaccines even though the needles hurt)

“What’s chicken pox mommy? ”

“Well, it’s a virus that makes you sick.  Red itchy dots appear all over your body and kids are more likely to get it than adults which is why you should get the vaccine.”

“Like, all over… ALL OVER?”  she raised a concerned eyebrow, “Even on your privates?”

“Yup, and your face and your hands.  I wish they had vaccines for it when I was little.  It can get quite uncomfortable and if your scratch the sores, you get scars like the one I have on my forehead.”

She looked closely, “Oh, that’s what that hole is.”

“It is not a hole, thank you very much.  It’s a constant reminder of many days at home bored and covered in calamine lotion -that’s a lotion for the itchiness.  One day I was playing cards and lost at Go Fish.  It was a dumb mistake.  I slapped my forehead and felt a pop.”

She caressed my forehead gently and tilted her head in empathy “How old were you when you got the chicken dots?” she asked.

“I was twelve,” suddenly I was flooded with the same adolescent drama of this unfairness, ” I got teased so badly.  Some kids called it a Paki-Dot, which is very rude and inaccurate so never say that. I hated it.”

“So for only twelve years you didn’t have it?”

“That’ s right’ ”

“Think of all the years it’s been with you.  It went everywhere with you.”

“You’re right honey, it’s not really a big deal.  I don’t really mind any more,”

I paused, wondering at the depth this was taking.

“But you gotta love it too mommy.  It’s so cute.  You had it for so long, it’s kinda like a friend.”

“I guess it is.  It gives me a story to tell and it’s what makes my face look like me now.”

“That’s how I’ll always know it’s you.”  she assured while lightly hovering over the scar with her index finger.

“Ok mommy, you can let the doctor pinch me with the needle”.♥

Get your kindness on!

Free positive thoughts

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. 
Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.   -Scott Adams

The best way to nourish our hearts is to help tend to the hearts of others.

Kindness, both given and received, can go a long way in replenishing our spirits.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Relaxing on Beach
relax… put your feet up

1. Make time for you.  Replenishing your spirit is always the first step to being able to give more to others.

cherry cream scones made by molly baked goods
yum yum share some!

2. As they say in kindergarten, sharing is caring.  When you bake, gift some of your goodies with neighbours and friends and watch their faces light up.

3. If you have children, remember to give their teachers some positive feedback.  Mention things you appreciate, things your child has shared with you about their day at school and so on. Everyone benefits from constructive feedback.

An old lady selling flowers by the bus stop.
smiles are contagious

4. There are many elderly who don’t often get acknowledged, socialized or appreciated.  If you cross paths with a chronologically blessed person, remember to greet them with a smile and wish them a great day. Trust me, they’ll like it.

5. Leave an anonymous kind note on someone’s windshield.

6. When you find yourself giving someone a genuine compliment, add the thought ” And I am too.” because we are only able to recognize a quality if we first possess it ourselves.

The Banana Men
don’t be a banana

7. Own your actions.  If you acted like a banana, apologize.  Likewise, if you did something well, celebrate your decision to do good.

8. If you can do a favour, don’t hesitate.

Happy driver
happy drivers wanted

9. While driving, exercise kindness and much patience.  We never really know where others are coming from,what kind of day has challenged them and caused them to be distracted or aggressive.  Put safety first.

10. Leave every place you come across better than you found it.




I am Naomi, the heart behind Seedlings of Hope blog. I am a Gestalt trained psychotherapist who’s been known to dabble in Shamanism, Dreamwork, and Mindfulness-based principles, but more importantly, I am a person who aspires and is committed to living with integrity.

My private practice, Seedlings of hope, and the launch of this blog were a fruitful culmination of personal intent and the desire to see people through challenging, bumpier patches of life.  Through my work, I am inspired by the individuals I meet and constantly reminded of the beauty and strength of our spirit.  I feel incredibly grateful to spend my days doing this kind of work.

I currently live in Toronto with my family and when I am not writing, leading workshops or enthusiastically diving into the self-help-spiritual-awakening world, I enjoy yoga, baking and gardening… and a really blissfully quiet house which is often hard to come by with my energetic 9 and 6 year olds.

My intent here is to continue planting little seedlings of hope in order to awaken our potentiality by overcoming limiting thoughts, excuses, and rigid beliefs to nurture our dreams and see them come to fruition. I believe that freedom is found by choosing to live in alignment with our personal truth.  As our words, thoughts and deeds reflect this, we reclaim our lives and begin to consciously design our days from an empowered, balanced place.

I hope you’ll join me in reaching within and wearing a willing, response-able heart on our sleeves as we journey ahead.

May our choices always spring from love and mirror our essence.



The thought manifests as the word; The word manifests as the deed; The deed develops into habit; And habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care, And let it spring from love. Born out of concern for all beings.”  –Buddha

This is now, this is me…

I am

Mother, teacher, dreamer,

Blessed and permeated by ethereal souls.

Pursuing my truth

Wearing rose-coloured glasses, they suit me.

Inviting trust and transformation

Fuelled by joys, little and large

Bursting my heart wide open

Beyond everything,

Magic itself.

Mountainous horizons bring me peace.

As do friends, good meals, dogs, heart-shaped things found in nature,

The sight of donkey ears.

Who knew?

Driven by connection, authentic, messy and visceral,

and dreams that seek fruition.

When footing is lost, thankfully, always,

Love steadies.