Doing what’s right

follow your heart

Do what is right for you and by you.

Every day spent making unhealthy decisions and every moment that is love-impoverished will build on frustration and dissatisfaction.

When we keep our heart’s voices loud and strong, our personal truths do not get lost.

When we listen to every one else’s voice but our own, our every thought becomes tainted by that disowned, muddled truth and our hearts grow increasingly heavier. What used to be easy and clear soon becomes difficult to know.  We grow more unsure, more fearful and rigid.  This can go on indefinitely.  Nothing we do in this state can bring us a sense of well-being because we are not well when we are out of touch with what is important to us. At some point, each of us has to decide that it is not ok to live with this lack of clarity, this immense burden and feeling of dissatisfaction.   What you know to be true for you, without data, proof, or rationale is your sacred truth. Choose to listen to it carefully and know that nothing comes to you that you are not able to handle.

We can look to loved ones to create a supportive, loving space for us but no one, not a single person owes us recognition, love, joy or anything else for that matter.  Others are in our life’s peripheral only to mirror things back, to offer a reflection that is different from our own that may cause us to pause and adjust our choices.  There are a million possibilities, an infinite number of ways to do things but none will be better for you than your own way.  Go back to what you know is right for you.

Keep your head up and keep your heart strong knowing that even in this very moment, you have all that you need.  Truly.  All the necessary resources to change your  life are in very close range and you can choose to be a receptive conduit.  We all hold courage and strength, some have it in plain sight while others have it hidden away quietly awaiting to be summoned.  A warrior proves himself when needed.

You could do the job the hard way and wait, and wait, and wait-or you could take advantage of what’s there and make the changes that will open your heart and your world wide open.  Let every step you take lead you that much closer to who you want to be.  ♥