3 wise little ones share some thoughts on “How to have a good life”

new year

Noa and Eden, while jumping up and down “Please please pleeeease can we have a play date?”


Our neighbour, Kate arrives shortly after. “Just find something you girls can play while I work – and no TV.”

In chorus, “What are you working on?”

“Some writing for my blog.”

“What’s a blog?”

Oh boy, I somehow knew I had just opened a can of cyber worms.

“Where do the words go? What’s the internet?  How big is it?  Does it ever run out?  Who reads it?  The whole world?  Really?”  Something I must have said clearly won me a captivated audience.

“What’s it about mommy?” asked Eden in her most endearing voice.

“Hmm, the New Year …and how we can make the most of it… you know, doing our best to listen to our hearts …planning for what we want… stuff like that.”

Noa lit up with enthusiasm, “So if I said something people would listen?”

“I don’t know honey, but if it’s something good you’re saying, it doesn’t hurt to try.”

“I am nearly nine and I know what I would say to help others do good this year” assured Kate.

Here I was struggling to find the right word while these little ones eagerly awaited to spill theirs. So, I ripped three pink papers from the magnetic pad on our fridge and handed them out.  I was curious about what they’d say and figured this could be fun.  Armed with pretty stationery and glittery pens the girls got to work.


noa, kate & eden

I asked the a few questions to get them going…

1.       If you had a magic wand and could learn one new skill this year what would it be?

Noa – I would learn to be magic and talk to animals.

Kate – I’d want to learn how to go to ‘Book Land’.

Eden – I wanna learn how to garden flowers, and swim really, really well.

2.       What do you think you’re good at?

Noa – Soccer and reading books.

Kate – Pretty much everything.

Eden – Colouring.

3.      What advice would you give others so they could have the best year ever?

Noa – I think people should not litter and they should help the environment.  Listen to other people’s ideas and think. Don’t beat up other people.  Spread love, be kind and care about others.  Never force someone to do something you don’t like.  Give others gifts and help everyone feel special.  Believe in your lovely dreams.  And stop smoking, or if you know someone who does, tell them to stop kindly.

Kate – In general, people should remember to have a good life.  I would say, don’t shoplift, don’t bully, don’t blame others when you did something wrong, admit something if it was you.  Plant gardens to make the planet more beautiful.  Help people who are hurt very badly, and be thankful even if you don’t like the gift you got.

Eden – Go to the park a lot.  Say please and thank you.  Be nice to animals, don’t bully and don’t steal presents or other peoples’ kids!  And if your headband broke and somebody gave you another one, like just the same headband, remember how nice that person is.   And if you listen to bad dreams, be careful, maybe they will come.  Also, don’t make people eat worms because they’re yucky and that’s really not nice.  And never give up.  That’s it.

I was right, this was fun and so much better than what I would have said.  They may be young but they are packed with wisdom, sweetness and a unique perception that is a treasure to witness. Thank you girls, I’ll keep your generous advice close to my heart as I ring in the New Year.

Happy New Year


Get your kindness on!

Free positive thoughts

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. 
Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.   -Scott Adams

The best way to nourish our hearts is to help tend to the hearts of others.

Kindness, both given and received, can go a long way in replenishing our spirits.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Relaxing on Beach
relax… put your feet up

1. Make time for you.  Replenishing your spirit is always the first step to being able to give more to others.

cherry cream scones made by molly baked goods
yum yum share some!

2. As they say in kindergarten, sharing is caring.  When you bake, gift some of your goodies with neighbours and friends and watch their faces light up.

3. If you have children, remember to give their teachers some positive feedback.  Mention things you appreciate, things your child has shared with you about their day at school and so on. Everyone benefits from constructive feedback.

An old lady selling flowers by the bus stop.
smiles are contagious

4. There are many elderly who don’t often get acknowledged, socialized or appreciated.  If you cross paths with a chronologically blessed person, remember to greet them with a smile and wish them a great day. Trust me, they’ll like it.

5. Leave an anonymous kind note on someone’s windshield.

6. When you find yourself giving someone a genuine compliment, add the thought ” And I am too.” because we are only able to recognize a quality if we first possess it ourselves.

The Banana Men
don’t be a banana

7. Own your actions.  If you acted like a banana, apologize.  Likewise, if you did something well, celebrate your decision to do good.

8. If you can do a favour, don’t hesitate.

Happy driver
happy drivers wanted

9. While driving, exercise kindness and much patience.  We never really know where others are coming from,what kind of day has challenged them and caused them to be distracted or aggressive.  Put safety first.

10. Leave every place you come across better than you found it.