Roll with it


Sometimes things don’t turn out as we imagined or hoped for.  This doesn’t mean that a situation is not good, just different from the version that played in our heads. Too often, not getting our way translates to disappointment or hurt instead of having it simply be an opportunity to experience something as is, without judgement. After all, if life unfolded exactly as we wished, it would make for an incredibly boring existence.

It is not difficult to see how the need to control our lives helps us guard against hardships.  What could very well be an act of self-preservation has become deeply rooted in every aspect of our society.  Its evidence can be found in creams that guarantee wrinkles from setting in, pills that help us avoid our feelings, regimens and air bags that keep danger at bay, and websites that promise to find our soulmates.  In reality, nothing is fool-proof.  This should in no way stop us from intending and planning the kind of life we want.  However, it is equally important to know how to release the kung-fu grip we have on those expectations and learn to roll with it.  Any woman who planned for the birth of her child knows this well.  We can plan and hope and prepare, but when it is time, we must simply accept what is happening and do our best with whatever comes at us.  Typically, the most impactful experiences in life are the ones that unfold despite our efforts because in those moments we are challenged to bring our best selves forth.  It is easy to be present and prepared and centered when we puppeteer a situation, but our ability to adjust, our ability to find grace in response to any given experience is when we see our spirit shine.

Last weekend I hoped to create a memorable day for my family as we set out to find our Christmas tree.  I made us a pancake brunch and we left shortly after 11am for Horton’s Magic Hill where a tractor ride, bonfire, and festivities awaited us. We scoured the fields singing “Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, oh where are you hiding…”  My girls chose a beautiful tree and not surprisingly, a very special one that had an abandoned nest perfectly placed near the top branches. We enjoyed a hot apple cider near the bonfire and took leave in early afternoon. We must have gone through a time warp, a worm hole, a mini Bermuda triangle that temporarily moved north… It was an extraordinarily long drive home. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that the ride back took five times as long as it normally would have. This was not part of my grand plan for a fun day.  I had to be at a Christmas party at four and I was in charge of food and drinks.  As time got away from me and four o’clock approached, my lack of control over the situation ate away at all the peace I had felt earlier that morning.  I didn’t want to disappoint my friends by being late and was so worried about letting them down that I failed to see how I was already letting my loved ones down by dissipating all the joy felt earlier. Even when I finally did make it to the Christmas party, it took some effort to relax and actually be present.  I kept wondering at how the day could have gone better.

Things took an unexpected turn, a different ending, that’s all.  So instead of going home and decorating our tree while singing carols and finishing the day off with hot chocolate and holiday cheer, we hurled the tree in the house and raced out muddy and dishevelled. I had no control over the delay that derailed my day, but then again, I had not counted on having extremely grateful kids that made the best of their time and didn’t complain once -and I certainly hadn’t planned to find my new favourite ornament nestled within tree branches.  Each time I look at it I wonder if its architect had ever pictured this nest tucked among gold stars and twinkle lights.  I bet that talented mama bird hadn’t planned for her beautifully crafted nest to gift another mama with much heartfelt gratitude.



Get your kindness on!

Free positive thoughts

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. 
Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.   -Scott Adams

The best way to nourish our hearts is to help tend to the hearts of others.

Kindness, both given and received, can go a long way in replenishing our spirits.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Relaxing on Beach
relax… put your feet up

1. Make time for you.  Replenishing your spirit is always the first step to being able to give more to others.

cherry cream scones made by molly baked goods
yum yum share some!

2. As they say in kindergarten, sharing is caring.  When you bake, gift some of your goodies with neighbours and friends and watch their faces light up.

3. If you have children, remember to give their teachers some positive feedback.  Mention things you appreciate, things your child has shared with you about their day at school and so on. Everyone benefits from constructive feedback.

An old lady selling flowers by the bus stop.
smiles are contagious

4. There are many elderly who don’t often get acknowledged, socialized or appreciated.  If you cross paths with a chronologically blessed person, remember to greet them with a smile and wish them a great day. Trust me, they’ll like it.

5. Leave an anonymous kind note on someone’s windshield.

6. When you find yourself giving someone a genuine compliment, add the thought ” And I am too.” because we are only able to recognize a quality if we first possess it ourselves.

The Banana Men
don’t be a banana

7. Own your actions.  If you acted like a banana, apologize.  Likewise, if you did something well, celebrate your decision to do good.

8. If you can do a favour, don’t hesitate.

Happy driver
happy drivers wanted

9. While driving, exercise kindness and much patience.  We never really know where others are coming from,what kind of day has challenged them and caused them to be distracted or aggressive.  Put safety first.

10. Leave every place you come across better than you found it.