The song in your heart

your road

Have you ever thought about what your own unspoken message may be?  When other people meet you, what do they notice, perceive and guess about you? Granted, a lot of what others think of us is coloured by their own experiences and perception, but there is always a grain of truth in the feedback we get.  I’m not suggesting you start surveying your friends or obsessing about what others think, but I do believe we should choose our personal labels wisely.  We all carry stories, dreams, energy that reads like road signs everywhere we go.  Without our realizing it, we’re constantly processing this information and choosing accordingly.

We’ve heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words” and most agree  to this time-tested wisdom.  Then why do our words hold so much power?  If this were true, nice gestures would cancel out hurtful words.   The verbally abusive husband should then be able to erase hurts with a guilt-token.  Similarly, telling someone “I love you” while betraying them doesn’t hold much significance.  There needs to be consistency.  Taking pause to get acquainted with our truth is the first step in fulfilling who we are.  Expressing it outwardly sets our intent and invites everything and everyone to support our truth, but this alone is not enough.  When you define who you are, the assumption is that this is who you wish to be.  Therefore, your actions and words should reflect what is important to you, to your story, to your purpose. Once we proudly wear our skin, we may begin to feel charged, newly aware, wonderfully able to see clearly into our own hearts.  However, if this knowing isn’t followed by supporting actions, we can begin to lose confidence in our dreams see ourselves as frauds.

So the next question may be, are you in alignment with what is at your center? Most of us are triggered by hypocrites, think of people who claim to be very religious and then act maliciously toward their neighbours; it is not enough to boast about going to church every Sunday if your actions define you differently. We are more able to trust others when the things they tell us are in synch with their behaviour.  Likewise, we are better able to trust in ourselves and our journeys when we speak our truth and have the courage to live that way.  Our actions need to mirror what we believe in.  This is true integrity; approaching each of our lives from a “whole-istic” place.

My hope is that we each take a moment to honour who we are, begin our days with the courage to consciously choose how we’ll take part of this journey.…listen intently to the song in our heart and begin to dance.

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Doing what’s right

follow your heart

Do what is right for you and by you.

Every day spent making unhealthy decisions and every moment that is love-impoverished will build on frustration and dissatisfaction.

When we keep our heart’s voices loud and strong, our personal truths do not get lost.

When we listen to every one else’s voice but our own, our every thought becomes tainted by that disowned, muddled truth and our hearts grow increasingly heavier. What used to be easy and clear soon becomes difficult to know.  We grow more unsure, more fearful and rigid.  This can go on indefinitely.  Nothing we do in this state can bring us a sense of well-being because we are not well when we are out of touch with what is important to us. At some point, each of us has to decide that it is not ok to live with this lack of clarity, this immense burden and feeling of dissatisfaction.   What you know to be true for you, without data, proof, or rationale is your sacred truth. Choose to listen to it carefully and know that nothing comes to you that you are not able to handle.

We can look to loved ones to create a supportive, loving space for us but no one, not a single person owes us recognition, love, joy or anything else for that matter.  Others are in our life’s peripheral only to mirror things back, to offer a reflection that is different from our own that may cause us to pause and adjust our choices.  There are a million possibilities, an infinite number of ways to do things but none will be better for you than your own way.  Go back to what you know is right for you.

Keep your head up and keep your heart strong knowing that even in this very moment, you have all that you need.  Truly.  All the necessary resources to change your  life are in very close range and you can choose to be a receptive conduit.  We all hold courage and strength, some have it in plain sight while others have it hidden away quietly awaiting to be summoned.  A warrior proves himself when needed.

You could do the job the hard way and wait, and wait, and wait-or you could take advantage of what’s there and make the changes that will open your heart and your world wide open.  Let every step you take lead you that much closer to who you want to be.  ♥